Landlord Advice from Rapper 2 Chainz

Watch the following clip of Grammy Winning artist 2 Chainz talking about rental property and being a landlord.

First, I do a great job of interviewing the tenant..I get the gist of what they’re going to be like” -2 Chainz on being a landlord

Three great takeaways from this video, first, you don’t have to be a stuffed shirt business person to invest in real estate. Rappers, school teachers, engineers, tattoo artists, programmers, whoever, can all build long term wealth with rental property. Second, as 2 Chainz wisely points out, properly screening tenants is very important, it is a crucial step to avoiding tenant issues down the line. Finally, 2 Chainz is dead on that landlords should always follow the law. Whether it’s screening tenants, collecting late rent, moving tenant’s out, or anything else, landlords should always handle things in a law abiding way. Thank you, 2 Chainz for this great advice.

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